Monday, 12 August 2013

Making life easier

One of the little things that makes my life a whole lot easier is online food shopping, especially since returning to work. I did this whilst on maternity leave too, so I haven't had to do a big food shop in well over a year. Yes, I realise this concept has been around for a while now, but it's something that a lot of people I speak to seem to think is a bit of a hassle. After you've set up your initial list of favourites, it's a breeze to compile your shop each week. Personally I would much rather spend time making the most of my weekend than trawling the supermarket aisles with the masses on a Saturday morning, but each to their own (and I know some people enjoy it)!

I have been using Ocado which I find great - I rarely get substituted items and the delivery drivers are friendly and helpful. The prices are matched to Tesco so the perception I had of them being too expensive was fortunately incorrect. If you have a browse online before placing your first order, you can usually find an online discount code and get around £20-£25 off your first delivery. There is a minimum spend, but a couple of packs of nappies normally gets you over the threshold!

These are a few of my top baby buys from Ocado:

Waitrose Bottom Butter Enriched Baby Wipes - lovely baby wipes which have a gorgeous vanilla smell, I don't find I need to use many of these during a nappy change because they are so thick. They are £2.54 for a pack of 64, but currently (and often) on offer at 2 for £4.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter - this cream soothes, protects and pampers your baby's skin, and contains olive oil and chamomile to protect against nappy rash. I have read it is also brilliant as a face cream - I can't vouch for this personally but could be worth a try for bargain skincare! £2.89 a tub or 2 for £4 at the moment (you can combine this with the baby wipes on the multibuy offer).

Waitrose Baby Care Cleansing Cotton Wool Balls - a dull but essential item for any mum and baby! No one wants tiny cotton wool balls that fall apart with a droplet of water on them. These cotton wool balls are large and soft, perfect for changing time and bath time. £1.32 for a pack of 80.

'That's Not My Monkey' book - what baby doesn't love these books?! Currently £3.99 (£2 off the RRP of £5.99), great to add to your basket as a treat for your little one or a last minute birthday present for a young reader.

All of the above can be found at - they will be in my basket this week too!

Happy shopping x

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