Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Born Free Product Review

I was recently lucky enough to be sent some samples to try from a company called Born Free, who produce a range of bottles, drinking cups and accessories for babies and toddlers. They were one of the first companies to develop products without the harmful chemicals BPA and PVC, providing parents with peace of mind when feeding their babies.

We firstly tried out the Born Free Training Cup, which is designed to help with the transition from bottle to cup. The spout is teething friendly, which baby J definitely made the most of! It has an ActiveFlow vent, which means that wind is reduced as the baby controls the flow of liquid. Initially Baby J was unsure about the training cup, which I think was down to the different look of the bottle compared to his usual brand. However, he subsequently took to it well, finding the handles easy to hold and the spout comfortable to drink from. There were no leaks when the cup was thrown around and it was easy to take apart and put together when washing.

The second product tested was the Born Free Twist'n Pop Straw Cup, which was the first straw cup that I had tried with baby J. I wasn't sure what he would make of it, but he was very interested and started drinking his water from it straight away. The ergonomic shape of the cup meant he could grasp it easily, and the silicone straw and air vent made it easy and comfortable for him to drink from. The cap twists to open and close the straw and keep it clean. I found that even when tipped upside down with the cap in the open position, no water leaked out. So no pools of water to mop up from the floor, or soaking your changing bag when out!

We really enjoyed trying out the Born Free products, they look stylish while being practical and functional for both mum and baby. I have put the link to the Born Free website below, which provides full information on all their products.

N.B. These samples were sent to me for free, but the review is impartial and all opinions are my own. Many thanks to Corinna at B Public Relations.

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