Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bathtime fun

Bath time can either be a source of fun or stress, depending on the mood of your baby! Initially baby J didn't like being bathed at all, and I dreaded the screams that would accompany it. After the first couple of weeks he started enjoying himself though, and bath time became a fun part of his evening routine. There were (and still are) a few things that made it easier for both of us, so here's a few recommendations:

Tippitoes Mini Bath - we used this for over 6 months, so it was really good value for money at £13.99. The support seat and foam headrest ensured baby J was comfortable, and made it easy for me to wash him while he splashed about.

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat - when baby J was around 6 months old, we moved him into the big bath with the use of this seat. As I often bath him on my own, this handy seat has helped me feel confident about keeping him upright and still having both hands free to wash him. He can splash around and play with his toys but without slipping over. The suction pads attach the seat securely to the bath, while it swivels for easy access to wash your baby. Around £8.95 from Amazon or John Lewis.

Bath thermometer - an essential for bath time, as a lot of new parents worry about getting the water just right! We found a cheap option as good as anything else around, a Duck Thermometer Card for around £4. Just dip it into the water and the liquid crystal display tells you with a minus sign, tick or plus sign whether the temperature is too cold, just right, or too hot.

Cussons Mum & Me products - obviously there are loads of baby products out there to choose from, but I really like this range. The products have always been great for baby J's skin, and I would recommend their baby bath and baby shampoo. These are frequently on offer in various supermarkets for half price, so if you wait until a baby event then you can stock up! I also like Asda Little Angels and Sainsburys Little Ones ranges, which again often have money off.

Baby towels - a soft towel is an essential to keep your baby dry and snuggly when they come out of the bath. You can obviously use any towel, but I like the hooded ones that Ikea do. They are a decent size, as some baby towels are so small that you only get a couple of months use out of them! The designs are cute and they are affordable at £7 each.

Bath toys - it wouldn't be as much fun without toys at bath time! When your baby is young, a few
simple toys usually do the trick. We have stacking cups, boats and ducks, which baby J loves playing with (and is usually still clutching one when he comes out of the bath!). I find that the supermarkets usually have a good range of these, and a brand called Munchkin has a wide range.

Happy bathing!


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